Prescient Business

By understanding the potential of your molecules, we can frame your options and make decision making the biggest differentiating factor in your products’ success. We take a forward-looking approach, anticipating the future and helping you prepare for what’s ahead.

Prescient Advisory

Prescient Advisory partners with you to put strategy back into your product strategy. We combine biopharma expertise, deep market insight and design thinking to maximize the value of your molecule. We help define where to play, how to shape your strategy and how to execute your plans.

Prescient Intelligence & Insight

An asset or brand requires ongoing decision support from early Phase II through to the end of its life cycle. Biopharmaceutical companies are continuously required to make decisions based on current conditions and an uncertain future; we provide clarity on both. We focus not only on those events clients can plan for, but also predict and respond to those they cannot.


With InflexionRx, you can develop, visualize and download the precise analyses needed for a wide range of scenarios. Our secure cloud-based platform can be accessed by authorized members of your team wherever they are.

Medical Strategy

Functioning alongside R&D and commercial, medical is one of the three strategic pillars necessary for biopharmaceutical product and portfolio strategies. The medical team provides a deep understanding of the disease pathways and opportunities to intercept the disease. It is the single function that can truly place the patient at the center of a clinical and commercial strategy and provide a bridge between the two. If a differentiated, integrated and goal-oriented evidence-generation plan is to be designed and maintained, then setting a clear medical strategic direction for an asset must occur upstream. Providing medical and scientific context to the overall design and management of the portfolio is also critical and requires the medical team to play a lead role.

Brand Strategy

Through our laser-like focus on biopharma product and portfolio strategies, Prescient differentiates by bringing expertise, experience and evidence together to help you co-create winning strategies. Our team combines scientific expertise with commercial savviness and biopharma experience with core consultancy skills.

Disease Area Strategy

Integrating corporate, product and therapy area strategies is critical to provide a clear strategic direction that bridges science and commerce, ensuring the values of portfolios and brands are maximized. Creating a long-term and integrated vision of the therapeutic area requires effective upstream cross-functional collaboration between the R&D, medical and commercial teams.

Prescient Careers

No matter where they are in the drug development and commercialization journey, Prescient is by our clients’ sides. From early development to launch, from the critical first 12 months on the market to loss of exclusivity, we provide the dynamic insight, expertise, objectivity and creativity our clients need to make aligned decisions, differentiated decisions, valuable decisions.

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