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White Paper

CAR-T: Advancing the Path for Clinical and Commercial Success

The Prescient team has prepared a white paper discussing our view on the recent advances in the CAR-T landscape. Industry and academia appear to be making significant strides in simplifying manufacturing and administration processes, expanding clinical utility and enabling access for patients. By: Ben Doran, Stuart Crichton, Ben Druck and Vasiliki Patsioura Click below and complete the form to receive the white paper via email.

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case study

Peri-Launch Support: Defining the Market and Changing Current Practice

Our client, a global pharmaceutical company, planned to launch a new product about six months ahead of a direct competitor in an indication with no effective treatment options. As physicians had many options for acute treatment for this chronic disease, the client engaged Prescient to define the market and help change the current practice.

case study

Market Access Strategy Development: Providing a Clear, Strategic Direction

Our client, a global pharmaceutical company, wanted to devise a global strategy to proactively address threats from the launch of biosimilars across various geographies. The client engaged Prescient to determine which of the four major stakeholders (payer, physician, pharmacist or patient) influenced the overall uptake of biosimilars across different market archetypes.

case study

Market Opportunity Mapping: Identifying Opportunities for a First-in-Class Product in a Crowded Space

Our client, a global pharmaceutical company, needed to identify opportunities in the EU5 countries for a first-in-class injectable product entering a crowded generic market. The client’s product was expected to obtain marketing authorization on the back of positive Phase III trials using surrogate endpoints and not hard clinical endpoints.

case study

Asset Attractiveness Assessment: Licensing Due Diligence of an Asset in Development for a Rare Disease

Our client, a global specialty pharmaceutical company, was seeking to evaluate the clinical and commercial attractiveness of a potential licensing agreement for a rare disease asset in development. Prescient was commissioned by the company’s business development and licensing group to perform due diligence and determine the market attractiveness of the target asset that would be marketed in a major geographic region.

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Late-Stage Clinical and Commercial Strategy Support: Providing Evidence-Based Insights to Achieve Commercial Preparedness

Our global pharmaceutical client needed a long-term partner who could deliver evidence-based insights to support the clinical, commercial and launch strategies of its neuroscience product. The client engaged Prescient to perform an in-depth analysis of competitor activity and also assess the regulatory situation to achieve commercial preparedness.

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Indication Sequencing: Assessing a Product’s Potential across Multiple Indications to Identify the Optimal Indication Sequencing

Our client was developing a novel cellular therapy with promising Phase I safety data and some evidence of efficacy across a number of indications. To inform its clinical development plan, it engaged Prescient to determine which of the six indications it was considering had the most commercial potential and what the optimal launch order would be.

case study

Affiliate Launch Planning: Pressure-Testing Launch Strategies through Interactive Workshop

Our client, a global pharmaceutical company, was planning to launch its first-ever biosimilar for the treatment of inflammatory conditions. It engaged Prescient to develop a more thorough understanding of the competitive landscape, refine its launch strategy and lay the groundwork for global and local biosimilar launches.

case study

Early-Stage Clinical Development: Keeping Up to Date with Competitors

Our global pharmaceutical client had an immunotherapy in early-stage clinical development. It engaged Prescient to provide impactful insights for its drug’s early clinical development strategy by analyzing immunotherapy competitors’ clinical development strategies, including patient segmentation, indication sequencing and regulatory strategies; to predict competitors’ data read-out timings, development timelines, registrational strategies, and safety and efficacy data; and to [...]

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Biosimilar Development and Commercialization Strategies: Providing Expertise for Regional Insights

Our global pharmaceutical client needed to prioritize launch regions for a biosimilar in a large and growing therapeutic area in terms of attractiveness and competition. It also sought an analysis of potential and existing competitors’ strategies. The client engaged Prescient to: 1) map the competitive landscape, including clinical development, regulatory timelines and strategy in regulated and emerging markets; 2) understand the intricate details of key environmental variables, [...]

case study

Value Proposition Development: Differentiating a New Entrant in a Market with Well-Entrenched Competition

Our client, a global pharmaceutical company, had a drug in development for a disease area dominated by high-efficacy drugs that enjoyed favorable access conditions. The client engaged Prescient to develop an evidence-based value proposition for its product that was differentiated from the competitors’ and resonated with the key stakeholders. In addition, the client wanted to understand competitors’ value-added services and identify opportunities to strengthen the product’s off[...]