Will Your Brand Maintain Its Value in 2020? Key US Market Trends That Should Be Shaping Your Product and Portfolio Strategy

In this white paper, Prescient has identified three industry trends that are shaping competitive dynamics in the US market and how biopharmaceutical companies can optimize the performance of their brands. We discuss the impact and implications of these industry trends on brand teams and the strategies they can leverage to maximize their products’ potential. The following key trends have emerged:

Redefining Access to Novel Cancer Therapies: Exploring Country-Specific Health Policy Changes

Access to cancer therapies is a part of every country’s health policy agenda; it, however, is not guaranteed to the entire clinically eligible population. In the last five years, the market access landscape for cancer therapies has changed significantly with the addition of more treatment options, mainly immunotherapies. High-priced immune checkpoint inhibitors, a new class of anticancer drugs, have shown remarkable promise in the treatment of different cancer types such as melanoma, liver and lung cancers among others.

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