Jatin Gupta

What appealed to you about Prescient?

The dynamic and fast-paced culture, the wide spectrum of opportunity (types of therapy areas, types of projects, types of clients and so on) and the meritocratic structure and recognition of work.

What do you spend your time doing?

On the job, making an impact on client strategies, and outside, planning for or participating in adventure sports.

What do you value about your job?

Various aspects, but the most important for me is the diverse and dynamic nature of the work while being able to materially impact client strategies.

What impact do you feel you are making?

I am helping pharmaceutical companies plan or improve their businesses, which ultimately has a significant impact on the healthcare community.

How do you develop your team?

Understanding their goals and identifying the best tasks that fit their goals, providing them with opportunities to choose what is best for them and showing them how things are done (by example).

How do you support and nurture talent?

Understand the talent by providing them with diverse opportunities and seeing what attracted them most and where they performed best. Understand their issues and support them in finding a solution. Provide them with specific and logical milestones in achieving their goals and nourishing the talent (and get someone else involved in case I do not have expertise in identifying talent-specific milestones). I encourage and back them if they take missteps when I see the intent was correct and/or where they feel they are not getting acknowledged for achieving their milestones.

How do you turn science into value?

I assess all our findings (science-based or non-science-based) for how they impact the overall business objective or issue. If the particular science is relevant to the business objective or issue at hand, then the impact of that science is assessed against its value to the market the client is targeting and how it compares to those of the competitors.

What do you like about working with clients?

Being able to help such major companies with their strategies that could directly impact healthcare is the key part. Speaking to executives from different companies, cultures, locations and backgrounds allows a lot of learning. I also enjoy brainstorming sessions with clients and being able to become a support network with them (at least with those who allow us to).

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