Raman Singh

What are you passionate about?

Repetition bores and tires me, so I try to do something new on a daily basis to make my life interesting and cheerful. Being the reason for a smile on my loved one’s face is my biggest passion in my life. Photography is another passion of mine. I love to create amazing pictures from ordinary scenarios. I am extremely driven by finding creative solutions to challenging problems. I try to learn and do something new on a daily basis to keep my life interesting and cheerful.

Where are you from?

I am from Udhampur, a small town in Jammu and Kashmir, India.

What did you do before joining Prescient?

Before joining Prescient, I was working with a service-based company in New Delhi.

What appealed to you about Prescient?

The opportunity to work in a product-based company. I have always wanted to build a software product with high market use and value, which Prescient allows me to do while also enabling me to learn new skills.

What do you spend your time doing?

I am “born” daily, and I “die” daily. I live in the present, not in the past or the future. I love my family, so most of my daily routine revolves around them. Other than my daily routine, I scout amazing landscapes that I can capture via my camera. On the whole, I smile, laugh, scream, enjoy life, write code and solve bugs, find solutions to problems, take pictures and capture smiles. That is it.

What do you value about your job?

Adding value to myself and my firm, by which I mean being able to learn new skills while still providing value with my current skill set. I also appreciate being able to operate with a tight moral compass and not have my ethics lowered by any action on account of the firm.

How do you develop your team?

Information changes, so perpetual growth is key. If we as leaders and team members stop growing intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, we get stuck in one place. We all have limits that can be expanded with teaching and learning. Finding mentors is also a great way to stay encouraged and inspired.

How do you turn science into value?

As noted on our website, “at Prescient, science is at the core of everything we do. We are a product and portfolio strategy partner that specializes in turning the science of molecules into optimal patient outcomes and client value.” The middle layer between “turning the science of molecules into optimal patient outcomes and client value” is our team. Our platform will store all data (facts, the latest news, analyses, etc.), facilitating the retrieval of required client-specific information.

What do you like about working with clients?

Working with clients presents you with opportunities to work with several different minds, develop an understanding of their visions of the world and learn something new.

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