Developing ways of thinking that are influenced by past activities and common knowledge

In addition to providing comfort, familiarity has the potential to prevent us from developing new ways of seeing, understanding and unlocking value. Introducing evidence-based design thinking to brand strategies and annual planning ensures cross-functional teams feel confident to innovate and be accountable.


Recognizing that the environment in which your brand operates does not stand still

A strategy that works for launch will gradually become less and less effective as stakeholder needs change and competitor threats evolve. By continuously assessing where and how your brand can deliver the most value to patients, physicians and payers, you will be able to enhance your value proposition and ensure it remains compelling to those decision makers and influencers with the power to grant access to it.


Ensuring your brand remains differentiated and valuable year after year

Prescient Advisory partners with global and regional marketing teams from late-stage development to loss of exclusivity, ensuring brand strategies and annual planning are focused, dynamic, evidence-based, functionally aligned and geographically nuanced. The combination of our in-depth scientific expertise, closeness to the market and top-tier strategic thinking means we fully understand the potential of your molecule, can identify current and future growth drivers and will shape strategies that deliver the desired outcomes, both now and in the future. Our partnerships with clinical development, medical and early commercial teams ensure that a continuity of thinking and collaboration is maintained as marketing takes ownership of the brand strategy.

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Creating a long-term and integrated vision of the therapeutic area requires effective upstream cross-functional collaboration between the R&D, medical and commercial teams.

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Balancing the strategic priorities of price, access to patients and speed to market is critical and increasingly challenging, requiring more sophisticated and coordinated planning than ever before.

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Providing medical and scientific context to the overall design and management of the portfolio is critical and requires the medical team to play a lead role.

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