Disease Area and Brand Strategy

Delivering a compelling vision through upstream cross-functional collaborations

Decisions made upstream in early development will have a massive impact on events ten or more years later. Decisions made by one function will impact another. Decisions made by one product could impact the entire portfolio. The decisions are complex, and the stakes are high.


Focusing on upstream portfolio and product strategies, where the most value is created across the life cycle

Therapy and disease area strategy groups are where the cross-functional “magic” originates. Without their expertise, the creation of both short- and long-range end-to-end strategies for disease areas and assets would not be possible. Their ability to see the big picture, set a vision, influence stakeholders across different functions and drive results is critical to developing a product that will address unmet patient needs, differentiate a company from the competition and demonstrate value that the market is prepared to pay for.


Developing a product and designing a value proposition that differentiates and resonates

Prescient Advisory specializes in shaping portfolio and disease area strategies through design thinking and integrated decision making that balance cross-functional needs, consider alternative paths and assess associated trade-offs. We help you make confident decisions that are shaped by the market and are aligned with your goals. We bring expert understanding of the disease and the science underpinning the various approaches toward treatment and prevention of the disease. Our functional expertise bridges the needs of commercial, medical, clinical and business development. Our team has been handpicked for the job, bringing together commercially minded physicians and scientists, with the majority holding advanced scientific or medical degrees coupled with MBAs and all of whom have honed their extensive experience in biopharma strategies at top-tier firms. We are a group of specialist design thinkers who thrive on partnering with clients to ensure portfolios and cross-functional strategies for early-stage assets are optimized to deliver future success.

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Balancing the strategic priorities of price, access to patients and speed to market is critical and increasingly challenging, requiring more sophisticated and coordinated planning than ever before.

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Introducing evidence-based design thinking to brand and commercial strategies and annual planning ensures cross-functional teams feel confident to innovate and be accountable.

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Providing medical and scientific context to the overall design and management of the portfolio is critical and requires the medical team to play a lead role.

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