Medical Strategy

Taking on a more strategic role through the medical team

Functioning alongside R&D and commercial, medical is one of the three strategic pillars necessary for biopharmaceutical product and portfolio strategies. The medical team provides a deep understanding of the disease pathways and opportunities to intercept the disease. It is the single function that can truly place the patient at the center of a clinical and commercial strategy and provide a bridge between the two. If a differentiated, integrated and goal-oriented evidence-generation plan is to be designed and maintained, then setting a clear medical strategic direction for an asset must occur upstream. Providing medical and scientific context to the overall design and management of the portfolio is also critical and requires the medical team to play a lead role.


Shaping the medical strategy prior to tactical execution

Medical Affairs functions are supported by Med Comms, Med Ed and digital agencies during the pre- and peri-launch phases in order to ensure that the more tactical requirements associated with the execution of medical communication plans are well taken care of; however, there are currently few advisory firms equipped with the medical, scientific and strategic “chops” necessary to effectively partner with medical VPs and directors at a portfolio planning and evidence-generation strategy level, both of which are critical in supporting a differentiated value proposition throughout the life cycle of an asset.


Combining medical, disease area and advisory expertise

Prescient Advisory was formed with the specific objective of providing top-class medical and scientific strategic thinking to support upstream product and portfolio strategies. Our team members have been handpicked for the job, bringing together commercially minded physicians and scientists, with the majority holding MDs, PhDs or PharmDs and all of whom have honed their extensive experience in biopharma strategies at top-tier firms. We are a group of specialist design thinkers who thrive on partnering with clients to develop medical strategies that optimally demonstrate the value of their science and, ultimately, improve patient outcomes.

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Creating a long-term and integrated vision of the therapeutic area requires effective upstream cross-functional collaboration between the R&D, medical and commercial teams.

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Introducing evidence-based design thinking to brand strategies and annual planning ensures cross-functional teams feel confident to innovate and be accountable.

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Balancing the strategic priorities of price, access to patients and speed to market is critical and increasingly challenging, requiring more sophisticated and coordinated planning than ever before.

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