Recognizing and respecting the increasing sophistication and data-driven nature of payer decision making and perception of value

Market access does not stop at launch – ensuring value and access is a core contributor to life cycle management decisions. Payers must continuously balance the needs of their patients with budgetary realities, and the availability of outcomes data drives greater scrutiny of incremental value from innovative and often high-priced medicines throughout the life cycle. Pharmaceutical companies need to ensure they clearly articulate how launch brands should be positioned relative to standard of care, combining an understanding of data, clinical positioning and economics (e.g., rebating, portfolio contracting) with potential utilization management across different types of plans (e.g., commercial vs. Medicare in the US).


Balancing the need for global consistency with local practicalities

Global value and access functions have a key strategic role that can bring them into conflict with local decision making; therefore, carefully crafting a global strategy that augments and accelerates local tactical plans is critical. To ensure the optimal balance of global consistency with local specificity and support, more tactical access is required in addition to facilitation of global conversations that are aligned to the overall brand strategy.


Improving the quality of cross-functional working to ensure holistic global strategic value and access planning

Prescient Advisory partners with value and access teams to deliver global strategies that are truly cross-functional and are aligned globally and locally. Collaboration is key – engagement with in-country colleagues and other functions is essential to ensure global strategies are immediately implementable. We can support cross-functional working to improve the quality and frequency of collaboration in areas such as clinical development decisions, adding value and access considerations to clinical development programs, indication sequencing decisions and evidence generation planning. Combining world-class scientific knowledge with deep functional expertise in value and access, Prescient ensures there is an increasing strategic alignment between commercial and medical affairs teams, including on annual planning.

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Creating a long-term and integrated vision of the therapeutic area requires effective upstream cross-functional collaboration between the R&D, medical and commercial teams.

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Introducing evidence-based design thinking to brand strategies and annual planning ensures cross-functional teams feel confident to innovate and be accountable.

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Providing medical and scientific context to the overall design and management of a portfolio is critical and requires the medical team to play a lead role.

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