Prescient Businesses: Focused on you—today, tomorrow and beyond

Science. Knowledge. Prescience. They only become truly valuable once you understand the specifics of the challenges at hand and the potential for the science to address them. Context. Rationale. Critical success factors.

Every day, from science, you create innovative therapies that have the potential to change lives. But to do so, you have a journey to navigate. Decisions to make. Obstacles to overcome.

You need a specialist partner who can help you map the future, understand the potential of your molecule, assess your options and empower your decision making to become the biggest differentiating factor in your product’s success.

Everything we do at Prescient is designed with this philosophy in mind. In fact, it’s where the Prescient name comes from—the Latin roots of the words “science” (scire) and “prescience” (praescire), which mean “to know” and “to know beforehand”. It is how we empower our clients to be brilliant, providing them with forward-thinking insight into future market scenarios and helping shape product strategies that deliver the most value. We call this unique approach Prescient Design.

Our two specialized businesses can work independently or collaboratively, depending on your needs, leveraging Prescient Design to achieve your goals:


Prescient Intelligence & Insight – making better decisions in a competitive market

Prescient’s best-in-class biopharmaceutical intelligence agency provides impactful insight and decision support to product and portfolio teams from early clinical development through to loss of exclusivity.

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Prescient Advisory – maximizing the value of molecules

Prescient’s specialized advisory firm focuses on helping biopharmaceutical clients develop meaningfully differentiated product and portfolio value propositions that resonate with key customers.

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