We support our clients’ efforts in developing targeted and differentiated clinical and commercial value propositions throughout a product’s life cycle. We ensure our clients have in-depth insight into what the future market scenario will look like and the resultant value their products will need to demonstrate to both resonate with the market’s evolving needs and differentiate from the competition. We then work with our clients to develop strategies for nine key milestones that determine long-term success:

New Product Planning

We help shape your clinical development strategies in advance of Phase III investment decisions and ensure that your registrational data are robust.

Asset Attractiveness Assessment

Assessing the potential for assets to differentiate and succeed

Target Product Profile (TPP) Design

Designing products that will be differentiated at launch

Clinical Strategy Development

Developing clinical strategies that will deliver differentiated TPPs

VantageRx: New Product Planning

Is there a strong scientific rationale to pursue development in this disease area?

Who are our competitors?

What level of clinical benefit do we need to prove?

What is the best Phase III trial design to meet our target label and forecasts?

Is our planned Phase III investment justified?

Brand Planning

We help transform your product into a valuable brand that resonates within the market and is differentiated from your competition.

Phase III Strategy Enhancement

Optimizing clinical strategies resulting in a differentiated positioning

Positioning and Messaging Strategy Development

Developing and communicating differentiated core value propositions

Market Entry Strategy Development

Analyzing key launch markets and differentiating local value propositions

Brand Revitalization Strategy Development

Repositioning brand strategies to differentiate effectively in evolving markets

VantageRx: Brand Planning

Who will determine the success of our brand? What behavioral and emotional drivers influence their decisions?

How does our product compare to the competition and how can we enhance our value?

How should our brand be positioned and how do we communicate this positioning to our customers?

How should we navigate the regulatory and reimbursement environments in our launch markets?

What nuances in the buying process, stakeholder behavior and patient flows do we need to account for?

Mature Brand Planning

We help optimize the value proposition of your mature brands before and after loss of exclusivity, ensuring their societal and financial contributions are maximized.

Value Proposition Enhancement

Identifying opportunities to keep mature brands valued and differentiated

Commercial Model Alignment

Aligning skills and strategies to optimally communicate the differentiated value proposition of mature brands

VantageRx: Mature Brand Planning

What are our objectives for the mature brand?

What level of threat is posed by generic or biosimilar competition?

In which product and service enhancements should we invest and why?

How can our affiliates optimize their brand strategy and maximize revenues?

How can we change our mindset and commercial model to compete effectively?

Value We Deliver

To successfully develop a differentiated asset or brand, clients must have access to detailed insight into how the market, stakeholders and competition will evolve over time and what value their products will need to demonstrate to succeed. For a brand to achieve an optimal label, favorable reimbursement status and rapid uptake, it must be able to demonstrate superior clinical and health economic benefits to the standard of care (SOC). All core client functions must be aligned and collaborate effectively from early development through to loss of exclusivity (LOE) if a brand is to reach its full potential.

We don’t just test the level of product differentiation,
we design it.

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