Prescient Advisory

You face ever-increasing challenges to justify the value of your assets and brands.

You can no longer count on a “build it and they will come” approach to clinical development, commercialization and brand planning. Precision medicines require precise strategies.

By partnering with Prescient Advisory, your product and portfolio teams will be able to make confident decisions rooted in an understanding of what it will take for your brand to succeed in constantly changing markets, how you can maximize differentiation from your competitors, what solutions are available to you and which will yield long-term value.

Whether you’re involved in clinical development, early commercial development, global marketing or regional management, engage with us and we’ll help you create strategies that generate the greatest outcomes – be it an optimal label, favorable reimbursement, rapid uptake or sustained in-market performance.

Actionable Insight

We transform data into smart decision making by:

Making sense of large data sets

Deriving the “so what” needed to maximize impact

Framing deliverables so they support the best decision making

Is there a strong scientific rationale to pursue development in this disease area?

Who are our competitors?

What level of clinical benefit do we need to prove?

What is the best Phase III trial design to meet our target label and forecasts?

Is our planned Phase III investment justified?

Competitive Analysis

We benchmark your competitors, ensuring that you are optimally positioned to effectively compete against them by:

Identifying best practices and common mistakes

Spotting opportunities to differentiate

Delivering winning strategies

Who will determine the success of our brand? What behavioral and emotional drivers influence their decisions?

How does our product compare to the competition and how can we enhance our value?

How should our brand be positioned and how do we communicate this positioning to our customers?

How should we navigate the regulatory and reimbursement environments in our launch markets?

What nuances in the buying process, stakeholder behavior and patient flows do we need to account for?

Value Creation

We identify opportunities to create value by:

Creating potential solutions and assessing associated trade-offs

Building cross-functional alignment to formulate optimal strategies

Advising on the impactful execution of chosen strategies

What are our objectives for the mature brand?

What level of threat is posed by generic or biosimilar competition?

In which product and service enhancements should we invest and why?

How can our affiliates optimize their brand strategy and maximize revenues?

How can we change our mindset and commercial model to compete effectively?

The Value We Deliver

We are specialists. All we do is help biopharmaceutical clients make optimal clinical, commercial and brand planning decisions. We understand what it takes to maximize the clinical potential of molecules for the greatest value realization.

We are not here to make your decisions for you, but rather to inform, challenge and advise through evidence, subject matter expertise and critical thinking. Every member of our team combines scientific expertise with commercial savviness, biopharma experience with core consultancy skills.

We are passionate about helping you meet your objectives and exceed
your goals. Collectively, we define success and relentlessly pursue it.

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