We support client decision making by providing timely and in-depth insight into how changes in market dynamics, stakeholder behavior and competitor activities may affect the strategy or performance of an asset, brand or portfolio.

Our Approach

To be valuable, a decision support service must be continuous, targeted and actionable. Client engagements are 100% customized to the needs of our clients and their brands, and generates the following outputs in critical areas of ongoing decision making:

  • InflexionRx: Competitor and Market Profiling

    Competitor and Market Profiling

    Building your team’s knowledge regarding competitors, stakeholders and markets

    We build and maintain detailed competitor, product, pipeline, market and stakeholder profiles , enabling you to identify opportunities, threats, best practice, behavioral tendencies and unmet needs.

  • InflexionRx: Competitor Threat Assessment

    Competitor Threat Assessment

    Highlighting which competitor products pose the greatest threat to the success of your product

    We maintain an evidence-based threat assessment of all products that currently, or have the potential to, compete with your asset, brand or portfolio and analyze how the threat can be minimized.

  • InflexionRx: Catalyst and Disruptor Planning

    Catalyst and Disruptor Planning

    Preparing you and your team to successfully navigate key external events

    We prepare you to respond effectively to any catalysts or disruptors that may affect your product’s strategy or performance.

  • InflexionRx: Current Situation Analysis

    Current Situation Analysis

    Ensuring the foundations of your product strategy remain differentiated, relevant and valuable

    We continuously highlight changes to the situational analysis underpinning each of your strategic pillars and assess the potential impact and changes required.

  • InflexionRx: Key Decision Support

    Key Decision Support

    Helping you make great decisions to successfully execute your brand strategy

    We develop the insight and analysis required to support those key strategic and tactical decisions that will influence the future performance of your asset or brand.

Value We Deliver

Developing and commercializing a drug is not a static process. An asset or brand requires ongoing decision support from early Phase II through to the end of its life cycle. Biopharmaceutical companies are continuously required to make decisions based on current conditions and an uncertain future; we can provide clarity on both. We focus not only on those events clients can plan for, but also predict and respond to those they cannot. Our clients engage with a small and invested team with expertise in specific disease areas and the required balance of clinical and commercial savviness.

You know your brand and we know the external
environment; our combined insights are powerful!

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