Prescient Intelligence & Insight

Differentiating from your competitors. Resonating with your customers. Two imperatives underpinning all successful brands.

Developing and commercializing a drug is not a static process. You need a steady stream of intelligence and insight from early development to loss of exclusivity. You are constantly supporting decisions based on current conditions and an uncertain future; we provide insight into both. We focus not only on those events you can plan for, but also predict and help you respond to those you cannot.

In addition to best-in-class intelligence-gathering skills, we have an in-depth understanding of disease pathophysiology, a nuanced knowledge of evolving markets, well-rounded subject matter expertise and a passion for shaping the development and commercialization of brands.

We understand the potential of your product and have extensive experience supporting the decisions facing you today, tomorrow and in the future. Our clients, which represent more than 100 assets and brands, trust our Intelligence & Insight teams because we understand the potential of products and the decisions facing teams today, tomorrow and in the future.

Our Approach

Our Intelligence & Insight teams deliver customized solutions that meet your goals. From 12-month rolling intelligence monitoring programs to benchmarking, competitor simulation workshops and conference coverage, we enhance your knowledge, challenge your thinking and help shape optimal outcomes. We routinely use the following evidence- and insight-generating methodologies to track competitor strategies, market dynamics and stakeholder behavior:

  • InflexionRx: Competitor and Market Profiling

    Systematic Data Reviews

    Identifying opportunities to differentiate your brand

  • InflexionRx: Competitor Threat Assessment

    Secondary Data Analytics

    Making the most of public domain information

  • InflexionRx: Catalyst and Disruptor Planning

    Primary Elicitation

    Answering difficult questions through primary research

  • InflexionRx: Current Situation Analysis

    Key External Expert Interviewing

    Accessing the wisdom of key market decision makers

  • InflexionRx: Key Decision Support

    Conference Coverage

    Maximizing the value of meetings

  • InflexionRx: Competitor and Market Profiling

    Competitor Simulation and Scenario Workshops

    Allowing you to look through the eyes of your competitors and stakeholders

  • InflexionRx: Competitor Threat Assessment

    Impact Assessments

    Quantifying qualitative insight to assess implications

The Value We Deliver

You need an expert intelligence-gathering partner who has the disease area, functional and market expertise required to develop impactful insight. You want to work with a team that knows your product, your strategy and the kinds of decisions you support. A true partner who is proactive and invests the time and thought needed to understand you and your specific needs.

You expect intelligence that delivers confidence in the insight. An exceptional network of key external experts and respondents within competitor organizations. A robustness of analysis and clarity of presentation. Global coverage and the capacity and stability to scale your relationship.

We at Prescient have been at the forefront of pharmaceutical intelligence and insight generation for almost 15 years. We understand that our people make the difference and thus recruit and train the top talent in the industry. We also appreciate the importance of developing long-term client partnerships based on credibility, quality, flexibility and trust.

As the market leader, we aren’t satisfied with maintaining the status quo. We continually invest in our value proposition, ensuring our clients’ intelligence functions become highly strategic and valuable business partners. Our latest innovation revolves around a revolutionary software platform that allows us to deliver our asset- or brand-specific intelligence monitoring programs in a dynamic, accessible and highly impactful way.

You know your brand. We know the market. Our shared
insights generate powerful results.

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