We are Prescient. We turn science into value for the biopharma industry.

The science of a molecule is rarely what determines whether a drug will become the market leader; people determine whether the molecule becomes that market leader—by translating the scientific potential into a value proposition that resonates with stakeholders making it relevant, differentiated, meaningful.

We help biopharma clients develop winning strategies for their molecules every single day. Giving the molecules in your hands a greater potential for success than the same science in the hands of your competitors.

We travel the drug development and commercialization journey.

From early development to launch—through that critical first 12 months on the market to loss of exclusivity. We are there by your side, providing the dynamic insight, expertise, objectivity and creativity required to make aligned decisions, differentiated decisions, valuable decisions.

At Prescient, science is at the core of everything we do. Not just science for science’s sake. Commercially minded science that differentiates products, addresses unmet patient needs and creates real-world impact and real business value.

It can be found in our understanding of disease pathophysiology. In our knowledge of evolving markets. In our subject-matter expertise. In our evidence-based analysis. In our passion for shaping the development and commercialization of brands.

More than 150 biopharma strategy experts, of whom more than 80% have advanced degrees

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Exceptional levels of clinical and commercial strategy expertise led by a team of 20 senior VPs and directors averaging 19 years’ experience in pharma and biotech

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Stable relationships, with an average tenure at Prescient of more than eight years among the senior team

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A truly global reach delivered from six offices across three continents with more than 20 languages spoken

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  • Expertise

    Our experts have the skills and experience to analyze what is needed for success, and to help shape strategies that deliver it.

    Prescient is disrupting traditional CI engagements; evolving our approach to open a new world of possibilities. Elevating traditional static outputs to digital and dynamic insights exchanges and interactions.

    InflexionRx is a proprietary software platform designed to revolutionize how biopharmaceutical product teams translate intelligence into impactful insight, helping you make quicker and better decisions.

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  • Thought Leadership

    CAR-T: Advancing the Path for Clinical and Commercial Success

    By: Ben Doran, Stuart Crichton, Ben Druck and Vasiliki Patsioura.  The Prescient team has prepared a white paper discussing our view on the recent advances in the CAR-T landscape. In this paper, we do [...]

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  • Our Work

    • Case Study

      Strategic Brand Planning: Winning by Resource Optimization

      Our client was a global biopharmaceutical company with a [...]

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    • Case Study

      Net Present Value: Assessing Opportunities for Indication Expansion

      Our client, a European specialty pharmaceutical company, was considering [...]

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    • Case Study

      Commercial Opportunity Assessment: Revenue Forecasting for a Specialty Product

      Our global pharmaceutical client was developing a suite of [...]

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Turn your expertise into a valuable career at Prescient

We are looking for people who want to immerse themselves in a passionate community of experts focused on bringing innovative, life-enhancing drugs to patients.

Whether you’ve just graduated from university, a scientist looking for a change, a seasoned consultant wanting to specialize or an industry professional with an entrepreneurial spirit, at Prescient, you have the opportunity to excel and do work that matters.

Prescient is an exciting and fast-growing private equity-backed biopharma strategy firm. But we are so much more than that—because the work we do is so much bigger than that.

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