We are consultants who shape decisions and drive value
for innovative biopharmaceutical companies globally

Prescient is a biopharmaceutical consulting company specializing in product strategy and decision support.

We help clients make better clinical and commercial decisions, resulting in enhanced outcomes for patients, customers and shareholders.

We enhance the value of our clients’ products by making sure they resonate with customers and stand out from the competition.

We provide expert-led and evidence-based decision support through our core areas of expertise, helping clients enhance the value of their products.


Our client relationships often begin in early Phase II
and we remain a constant partner to teams
through launch and beyond, helping them answer
critical questions throughout the life cycle.

  • VantageRx: New Product Planning

    New Product Planning

    We help biopharma portfolio management, early medicine and strategic marketing teams shape clinical development strategies in advance of Phase III investment decisions, ensuring registrational data are robust.

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    "Is there a strong scientific rationale to pursue development in this disease area?"

    "Who are our competitors?"

    "What level of clinical benefit do we need to prove?"

    "What is the best Phase III trial design to meet our target label and forecasts?"

    "Is our planned Phase III investment justified?"

  • VantageRx: Brand Planning

    Brand Planning

    We support cross-functional teams throughout Phase III clinical trials, launch and beyond to help transform products into valuable brands that resonate with the market and are differentiated from the competition.

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    "Who will determine the success of our brand? What behavioral and emotional drivers influence their decisions?"

    "How does our product compare to the competition and how can we enhance our value?"

    "How should our brand be positioned and how do we communicate this positioning to our customers?"

    "How should we navigate the regulatory and reimbursement environments in our launch markets?"

    "What nuances in the buying process, stakeholder behavior and patient flows do we need to account for?"

  • VantageRx: Mature Brand Planning

    Mature Brand Planning

    We partner with global biopharmaceutical brand teams, mature brand franchises and regional management teams 24-36 months prior to loss of exclusivity (LOE) to help optimize the value proposition of mature brands before and after LOE, ensuring societal and financial contributions are maximized.

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    "What are our objectives for the mature brand?"

    "What level of threat is posed by generic or biosimilar competition?"

    "In which product and service enhancements should we invest and why?"

    "How can our affiliates optimize their brand strategy and maximize revenues?"

    "How can we change our mindset and commercial model to compete effectively?"

Vice President, Biologics

Pharma Company

"You are one of the most impressive consultancies we’ve worked with. Your knowledge, preparation and commitment were outstanding."

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Executive Director, Strategic Business Intelligence

Pharma Company

"Excellent work, Prescient team! We appreciated your depth of knowledge, facilitation and overall workshop design. This was a success for Prescient and for us."

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Director, Commercial Strategy

Pharma Company

"You have been at the heart of helping us develop successful, established product strategies over the past couple of years. Many thanks and we look forward to continuing our relationship.”

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Join our team

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