White Paper

Is Your Medical Narrative Future-Proofed? How to Ensure It Is Dynamic and Resilient

Mar 28, 2024

Dr. Olga Fidalgo Gonzalez
Associate Vice President
Dr. Christian Wasmer
Priyanka Ravikumar, PhD
Dr. Luke Solon
Global Head of Medical Advisory

In the ever-changing pharmaceutical landscape, a compelling medical narrative is key to shape persuasive stories for stakeholders, guiding internal decisions and engaging field professionals. This white paper defines the essential elements to craft impactful medical narratives and explores how these can be adapted to diverse audiences and evolving industry landscapes.

In this white paper, you will:

  • Understand the crucial role of medical narratives in communicating a product’s value proposition to healthcare professionals, patients, regulatory bodies and payers
  • Discover the macro trends, healthcare ecosystem complexities and product-specific details that shape effective medical narratives at different levels
  • Learn the foundational elements to craft a compelling medical narrative, from articulating scientific and clinical properties to understanding audience needs
  • Understand how to integrate past, present and future perspectives into your narrative and access our framework to guide your journey

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