Insights into the dynamic present

The present is dynamic. An ever-changing environment that, for your molecule to succeed, demands prescient thinking at the intersection of the scientific, competitor and customer perspectives. That’s where we operate.

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What We Do

Over 20 years of game-changing perspectives

Throughout the life cycle of a drug, decisions need making on a daily basis that reflect current conditions and an ill-defined future. As a true partner, we go beyond to uncover transformational insights into competitor activities, market dynamics and stakeholder behaviors and deliver insights that guide decisions.

By applying our collective knowledge of the past and the dynamic present, we create game-changing perspectives that shape strategies and the future. This is prescience. Our superpower.

How We Help

Knowledge gained. Knowledge applied.

Our insights into the dynamic present open up a breadth of different opportunities. Here are just some:


Identify blind spots


Assess opportunities and threats


Analyse best practices


Spot trends and disruptors


Update situation analysis


Provide decision support

Our Solutions

A competitive advantage that ensures you are future ready, today

We are highly flexible in how we work with clients to provide the solution that best fits their needs. This can include an annual program of work, specific conference coverage, bespoke workshops, one-off projects, or on a retainer basis.

The solutions we offer include:


Portfolio Panning

Where will you play and how will you win?

  • Portfolio gap analysis
  • Business development search and evaluation support
  • Companion diagnostics, biomarkers and device strategies
  • Opportunity assessment (e.g., asset attractiveness, indication sequencing, geography prioritization)

Competitor Benchmarking

How do you measure up in the context of your competitors?

  • Physician and patient support services mapping and benchmarking
  • Competitive situational analysis and go-to-market benchmarking
  • Field force analysis and benchmarking

Differentiation Analysis

Where are you strongest and what could competitors look to capitalize on?

  • Clinical data deep-dive and program design
  • Value proposition evaluation and stress test
  • Competitor objection handling and counter messaging

Competitive Strategy Workshops

How will you win in the face of competition?

  • Competitor simulation
  • Competitive response
  • Competitor threat analysis
  • Competitor scenario planning

Healthcare System Evaluation

How can you optimize adoption?

  • Market access strategy evaluation and optimization
  • Pricing, reimbursement and access environment assessment
  • Regulatory environments evaluation

Late Life Cycle Assessment and Management

How might you retain value?

  • Manufacturing and supply chain analysis
  • Biosimilar/generic threat assessment
  • Evaluation of loss of exclusivity strategic operations (global and affiliate)
  • Patent analyses and patent infringement evaluation and monitoring

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Our Team

Our people are the heart of what we do for you

Our people touch every part of what we do as a business, partnering closely with our clients to define and shape the future. Through their unparalleled understanding of the scientific, customer, competitor and market perspectives, they support across every stage of the drug life cycle and beyond. They are the beating heart of the innovations that we develop to meet the needs of our clients in an ever-evolving, ever-changing world.
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