Insights into the dynamic present

The present is dynamic. An ever-changing environment that, for your molecule to succeed, demands prescient thinking at the intersection of the scientific, competitor and customer perspectives. That’s where we operate.

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What We Do

Over 20 years of game-changing perspectives

Throughout the life cycle of a drug, decisions need making on a daily basis that reflect current conditions and an ill-defined future. As a true partner, we go beyond to uncover transformational insights into competitor activities, market dynamics and stakeholder behaviors and deliver insights that guide decisions.

By applying our collective knowledge of the past and the dynamic present, we create game-changing perspectives that shape strategies and the future. This is prescience. Our superpower.

How We Help

Knowledge gained. Knowledge applied.

Our insights into the dynamic present open up a breadth of different opportunities. Here are just some:


Identify blind spots


Assess opportunities and threats


Analyse best practices


Spot trends and disruptors


Update situation analysis


Provide decision support