Partnering with the Medical Team During the Highest Value-Creating Activities

Our partnerships with medical teams tend to begin upstream when the medical strategy is being designed and integrated with the R&D and early commercial teams.

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Shaping medical strategies and supporting organizational excellence from early development to launch

Very few advisory firms are equipped with the medical, scientific and strategic experience necessary to effectively partner with medical VPs and directors at a portfolio planning and evidence-generation strategy level. Prescient brings deep scientific understanding and a specialist medical affairs-focused team to support our clients. Due to the breadth and depth of our medical know-how, we are also experts in organizational development to help you build medical affairs capabilities that can ensure that you have a future-proof, world-class medical affairs organization. The core areas of collaboration include:


Setting a clear medical strategic direction for your asset

Through our laser-like focus on biopharma product and portfolio strategies, Prescient differentiates by bringing expertise, experience and evidence together to help you bridge clinical and commercial strategies.


Combining medical and disease area expertise

Our team was formed with the specific objective of providing top-class medical and scientific strategic thinking to support upstream product and portfolio strategies. We are a group of specialist design thinkers who thrive on partnering with clients to develop medical strategies that optimally demonstrate the value of their science and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

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The Prescient Medical Team partners with you to put strategy back into your product strategy

Taking on a more strategic role through medical

Medical is the single function that can truly place the patient at the center of a clinical and commercial strategy. Providing medical and scientific context to the overall design and management of the portfolio is critical and requires the medical team to play a lead role.

Shaping the medical strategy prior to tactical execution

If a differentiated, integrated and goal-oriented evidence-generation plan is to be designed and maintained, then setting a clear medical strategic direction for an asset must occur upstream.

Carving a path to medical organizational excellence

The medical affairs function of the future is more agile, more pragmatic and has a greater leadership mindset than most have today. We can support you in developing your team and ways of working to ensure that you are fit for the future.

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